Bootstrap 4
As a frontend framework for my web site I decided to use Bootstrap 4. The previous version of Bootstrap supported (nowadays) outdated web browsers, and I felt that the newest version really contained some new strong worthwhile improvements. The framework offers ease of basic web styling and smooths over differences between the various web browsers that are commonly in use.

By using Bootstrap 4 (BS4) you don't need to worry about browser compatibility, especially CSS can cause inconsistencies between different browsers that are surprisingly hard to debug yourself. With BS4, you can trust the framework to overcome such obstacles. Later I need to fix a "bug" on this very page, the Bootstrap image stretches very peculiarly what comes to width/height ratio...
Following are some of the news for Bootstrap 4:
Bootstrap 4 is "Mobile first", which means: "increasing tendency to design their products for mobile phones or devices before making correlate designs for traditional desktop and laptop computers."
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About the new site
At the bottom is the link to the "old" Wordpress site. Some articles were quite well written, though sometimes in haste and also keep in mind that english isn't my primary language. Previously I made the attempt to cover subjects in both swedish and english, but now I feel it's more reasonable to focus on purely english content. Possibly I might take a look back and reuse some articles, as sometimes good articles
over the course of time have become "buried" deep in the hierarchy of the site. Maybe you might wonder sometimes "Nothing much is happening", looking at the site. Under the surface and at the side of site I will be experimenting with open source, own tools for maintaing the content.

Upon returning to my Wordpress controlled content, I was amazed by the slowness; it was initally nice to get "help" to order the content but some gallery plugins were really painstakeingly buggy, suddenly stopped working. I changed photo plugin, but same thing happened after a while, the plugin suddenly couldn't find the third uploaded gallery... I now have to handle more content "by hand".

One big advantage are that you then really have to consider the technical architecture and think about tools to keep the site content in order. Using Wordpress leads to the developer getting detouched from the basic web technologies and having to learn Wordpress specific details, learn plugins that might at any moment become unsupported.

During the years past since I had much more regular contact with web technology, I have forgotten much of the purely basic web coding. Nowadays, many good framworks and tools have been created, at the same time browsers, HTML5 and Javascript has matured.

The web development feels much more interesting now that you can expect similar look and behavior over the common browsers. Microsoft are also finally giving up Internet Explorer as well as the Edge browser.

Only worry though is that Chrome have the dominant position. Firefox has greatly improved concerning speed, previously it was very "mono threaded"... The plugins for Firefox are still fantastic. No one wants a new web browser "monopoly", I think...